While swimming across the river of
“samsara*” by myself,
I’d like to rescue ...
the drowning people.

While having a soft and tender heart ..
of my own,
I’d like everybody..
to have such a heart ...

Consoling myself
to gain peace,
I’d like to soothe people ...
in great fright.

Being awake by myself,
I’d like to wake up the sleeping people ...
And make them active.

Being peaceful by myself,
I’d like to let the people in hot water free ...
And make them peaceful.

Being free and independent by myself,
I’d like to let the people in tight corner free ...
And make them independent.

(*samsara=cycle of rebirths)

Manie Sithu @  King Alaung Sithu
A.D ( 1113 – 1160 )


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